Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming hurrah! Here are just a few of the bits and bobs family, we've been making for the shop in Devon. The idea has been to re-use & recycle old decorations and scraps of fabric for a vintage, homely feel. I hope you like it as much as we've enjoyed making it all!

Handmade scented lavender hearts made by yours truly - for decorations & gifts, decorated with buttons and festive ribbons

Hand papier mached, painted, glossed and be-ribbonned with love!

Really enjoyed making these as they look so vintagey. Great way to re-use old baubles and make pretty displays in your home.

Beautiful hand sewn pin cushions by the talented Felicity Gray, using vintage scraps and shiny old buttons!

 I handpoured these scented wax teacup candles, using old crockery, mis-matched cups and saucers.


Tom Green's own window display, with a hamper full of treats including gifts from the shop and wrapped presents! Chopping boards or hand hewn peg rails make gorgeous gifts.

Hand printed wrapping paper and cards above & below. My sister and I made music paper bunting too - a cheap and cheerful way to use old paper and string (See earlier post for a step-by-step guide!)


And finally - Green's at night as we were setting up the Christmas Window and display.


Thursday, 6 December 2012

How to make music paper bunting!

At a recent Country Living fair in London I was inspired by some gorgeous ordinance survey map paper bunting. Here's my festive alternative: super cheap & easy to put together - makes a cute gift or decoration for Christmas! Happy making!

1. Start with piles of old music paper
    and brown string/ twine.

2. Fold a sheet of music paper in half, and with the fold at the top, cut a double sided 'V' for your bunting shape. You need approx 16 of these for 1 string.                                                3. Cut a piece of string just over 2 metres long and make a
                                                                 loop at each end for hanging. (as above)

 4. Stringing the paper: Start at one end and fold the paper over the string. Glue one inside 'V' with prit-stik (left) and fold sides together firmly.

5. Carry on folding, gluing & sticking at intervals till string of bunting is complete!

6. Ta da!! Here is an example of the completed string, you don't have to stop with one length and can make the  'V's any shape you like - flags look sweet too.

I packaged mine up into clear cello bags (find them on ebay & craft stores - they're usually used for card packaging) with a little label and they're ready to go! Here they're for sale at Green's in Devon:) xx

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Source drawings for ditsy prints



Source drawings of various botanical flowers and plants for use in a series of ditsy print patterns. Feeling very excited about these ones & looking forward to working out colors and putting into repeat!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Gothic patterns


My most recent patterns following a gothic theme for J's murder mystery party packaging. Visit her brilliant blog, the ABC of Murder 

These are mainly ink on paper with gouache. If you look closely at the inky ones see if you can spot a few spiders, bugs and the suchlike! Comments welcome below, be great to hear your thoughts!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Devon loveliness

Now I have rediscovered these from the summer and are just too lovely not to share! I took these at Tom Green's beautiful cottage in Ashprington, Devon. Do visit their reclaimed furniture shop in South Brent, Devon.