Monday, 30 January 2012

New spring patterns

So, here goes with some of the patterns I have been concocting and drawing.. They could obviously do with some work in photoshop, but thought I might as well put them up as I go along (that's the point of a blog right?) Love to see your feedback!




Inky pattern drawings

Pattern drawings using pen, brush and ink. Based on polygonatum
multiflorum specemins from Kew and Wisley sources.


Imagined drawings using a brush, thought might make an interesting print?

Floral line drawings

Drawings of imagined organic floral shapes, as a starting point for further prints. Plenty more where these came from so will try and update soon..



Saturday, 28 January 2012

Spring prints

So spring collections appearing and what a lovely array of prints I keep seeing out and about (people these are not designed by me, just some I love!) do comment if you see anything I can investigate..

These are, believe it or not, some I found in Primark - a silk scarf and some lovely jimjams.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Seasonal card making

So Christmas came and went very fast, I barely had the time to make my cards and send them out in time! These little cards were hand-pulled lino prints, cut and pasted onto brown Kraft card. The partridge in a pear tree design, and Joyeux Noel motifs were from my imagination. If you were wondering where this amazing dresser is, and the location of some of my other pics - it's mister Tom Green's beautiful cottage in Ashprington, Devon!


I thought I'd sneak in some of my 2010 card prints. I was a little more organised this year with two colours and a myriad of colour combinations. The prints were hand cut and mixed, the same as this year. One was supposed to look like a traditional book plate and the other a fairisle pattern, both from my imagination.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Ornate pattern print

Despite the box full of cards in the top image, I only ever pulled off a couple of prints from this lino block. It unintentionally ended up looking like old wallpaper, which I like. The design was drawn very abstractedly from some floral photograph sourcebooks. I always find them a handy source to rootle through and find inspiration! This particular one is for sale on etsy:

V&A Ceramics

To me these are some of the most beautiful things in the V&A Museum, South Kensington. If you have the chance, pop up to the top floors where you can find rooms full upon rooms full of the most exquisite ceramics, tiles and objects. If you can't wait, have a look at the collection online - though there's nothing quite like seeing them in all their glory en masse! (Apologies for the lack of references I will try and rectify asap..)

Paintings of the farm

These paintings were made in the fields on Wonston Manor farm in Hampshire. I painted these in situ with an easel and oil paints on one of those boiling hot days last summer. I probably shouldn't tell you this but there's flies and all sorts in there and I got terrible sunburn, but there's nothing quite like painting outside.

Rose pattern cards

These little cards were very loosely based on photos in a rose pattern source book, I made lots of these and some can be found on my etsy pages: