Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My very first sugar roses

Well this week I made.. sugar roses as cake decorations! Very kitsch I know, but totally addictive and enjoyable! Don't judge please, this was my very first time..!
The hilarious cake it was intended for at work!

Monday, 1 July 2013

A homemade wedding...

So my lovely Tom proposed and we decided to try and make as much as possible for our wedding day.  The following posts are going to be a little bit of a history of how I made everything from the favours to runners, invitations to customising the shoes!

Invitations seem like a good place to start.. So being nature lovers we thought using an oak motif would be a nice idea, and this seems to have carried through in a lot of elements! I started designing little inky oaky sprigs and reworked in photoshop.
                                           The finished design below!

My sister and I had a block of the design made and hand letterpressed the cards!                                                                       
After a lot of deliberation, we finished with some grey textured cotton ribbon and voila - the finished invitation!