Saturday, 2 November 2013

Table name paintings

Tom and I decided to use our favourite places in West London as the table names. I really loved making these as the places we chose for the designs were close to my heart.
Firstly, I designed some little paintings for each table. As they needed to be visible from both sides, I traced the original design and then painted them again so that they were identical. The paints I used were gouache on white mount board.
The table names in situ!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Money saving handmade wedding ideas..

Here are just a few of the quick and easy money saving ideas that we made for our wedding, which we though added the personal touch..

Idea Number One:
Hand drawn chalk boards for signage and directions.. (buy them on ebay super cheap, otherwise, make your own and invest in some chalkboard paint, which you can slap on anything from tin cans, jam jar lids to old board or reclaimed wood!)

Idea Number Two:
An oak stamper made from the English Stamp Company using this design.. I then stamped the back of little kraft labels and encouraged guests to leave us a message on the back almost as a guest book.

Idea Number Three:
Also handwrite labels on vintage found decanters which we filled with port..

Idea Number Four:
Hand typed Orders of service, using the letterpress to stamp the cover with the oak motif and the words 'Order of Service'.

Idea Number Five:
 Hand written place names using a pen and ink, and blank white place cards..

          inky fingers!!
I will add more when I think of them!!x