Monday, 30 June 2014

Artworks for sale on my new Etsy Shop!

More excitingness! I have opened an ETSY shop, featuring lots of mounted drawings, prints and paintings! I'd love you to pop by and have a look! Hopefully I will update regularly, so do keep checking and get in touch if you would like to commission a design!

And a glimpse at my 'Meet the shop owner' page..!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Today I made a small fox

This evening I took a break from drawing and thought I'd get all crafty! It's nearly my beautiful niece Grace's 2nd birthday and so I set about making a wee soft toy for her, here's the story! Admit I did a lot of unpicking along the way and double stitched the arms and legs on in the wrong place- twice.. eek! Feeling chuffed with myself for no good reason!
Lets start at the very beginning... (Be warned, I am a beginner and therefor very botcho!!)
Supplies needed: A simplicity Pattern K1549, Sewing machine, threads, contrasting felt remnants and patterned fabric, stuffing and a needle.

And looking very attractive inside out!                            Followed by some very messy hand stitching on foxy's noggin!                       

 Sewed the final eyes in place and voila....! x


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Woven Monkey Swatch Samples

Hurrah! So this morning my Woven Monkey swatch samples arrived and they're pretttyyyyyy!!
So Woven Monkey are a UK based digital printing company which do the same job as spoon flower but without the import taxes. I'm so happy with the swatches and have great plans for some home furnishing projects with Furniture Magpie!

 Testing small and med sized repeats.

 Some prints designed using mono print drawings

  The inspiration for the patterns, the view from my desk in Ilfracombe!

Folky florals...

Details from the Blossoming into Spring, birds and butterflies..


Saturday, 21 June 2014

New Nautical Patterns on MOYO!

Hello folks, today I have posted a new collection of Nautical Patterns on my Moyo Directory Page! You've heard this before but I would LOVE you to 'love' my page on the profile! Thank you!x


 Here are a peek at a couple of  my favourites!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Ditsy Conversational Pattern Inspiration

I came across these magical conversational patterns in the kidswear department of a popular supermarket chain, and fell in love with them! Wish that i'd made them I really do, such a lovely idea, only wish that I could have fitted into the clothes!