Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Feb & March Journals

I started journalling in early Feb to do something with my collection of images and cutouts I had been hoarding. It's a compilation of pics that I found really beautiful, so it's all a bit eclectic.. I wanted to collate them in a way that made sense to me and have them together somewhere I would want to look at them again. I date the days I put together the pages and are posted in order.

I got the idea originally from the Lobster & Swan blog which has lots of imaginative collections of images. The Confetti Garden tumblr just makes me swoon, I wish I stumbled across such amazing pics!

Mine are collections from various current and past  copies of Elle, Vogues, Toast, World of Interiors, Country Living, various fashion and interior mags as well as papers & weekend supplements.


  1. Hey Clare,

    I love the new blog, great to see new work and ideas! Your sketch book reminds me of Tim Walkers photographs:

    Keep up the good work!


  2. What beautiful images, the blues and teals filtering through are gorgeous.

    1. Thank you-really admire your prints on etsy and regularly visit your blog! Have recent patterned prints and April journals to post this wk,so do visit again soon!x