Monday, 4 February 2013

Freya's painted dolls' house

New year, new project and this time it was a little dolls' house for my friends' daughters' second birthday.. I started with the amazing plain wooden house and got given free reign to decorate as I liked!

As much as I tell myself i'm too old for this sort of thing - I have to admit I loved it & super jealous I didn't have one as a kid! Well - here goes with the before and afters, love to know what you think... 

Pre-painting & decorating:


So with a little bit of TLC and a lot of homebase tester pots here we have the house post home decoration! I know it's a bit nuts but two year olds like that kind of thing, right..?! 




  1. Clare this is amazing! So sweet! I can't believe you didn't have one when you were little! Felicity and I were the queens of doll houses we had about 4 each...

  2. Such pretty colours, I really like the little tree mural as well, so sweet

  3. Hi love this ! I have just bought the same one for my daughter. What paint did you use, if you dont mind me asking ? Many thanks kate

  4. Hello! You did such a great job! I bought a dollhouse on craigslist and didn't know who the manufacturer is but it looks very similar to yours. Do you know who made it? Thank you!