Friday 15 August 2014

Masking fluid discovery!

Have long been meaning to try using a bottle of masking fluid, a gum which resists ink and watercolour -  to see the effects with my drawings, and after investing in a bottle yesterday, am super excited by the results, love it!! Excuse that they're a bit basic, but it was my first attempt and now there's no stopping me! Step by step below...

1. So. Le masking fluid - tinted pale blue so you can see what you're doing, v handy! Used an ink nib at first unsuccessfully, as it all dried and wasn't particularly fluid, so moved onto a fine brush. Be warned, it utterly ruins the bristles, so use a manky old one!!

2. A close up of the slightly raised dried fluid before it's been peeled away, you can sort of see what happens when you paint on top in the blue floral image below.

3. The best bit... peel off the dried masking fluid by rubbing gently with your fingers, it's a bit like when you get dried glue on your hands! Et voila... some details of the end results!

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  1. these are just lovely - ty for the tip - cant wait to try it;)) angelkisses