Monday, 5 January 2015

Handmade Winter Rose Soap

A project which I made as Christmas gifts for family and friends and totally enjoyed. Excuse this being a bit of a long old post but it took a long old while to make it and get it right. I had some, or rather a lot of help from some lovely friends Miriam and Jake who feature here too!

We used the Nerdy Farm Wife's Winter Rose Soap which can be found here...

The story and how to ...
Our lovely ingredients to start with (for full list, click here)

I am not going to copy out the recipe, just use this as a visual prompt for the process as we made it! See links above for the step by step guide.

Here goes, not forgetting to introduce my partners in crime, Miriam and Jake!!

 It all started very intently with some serious goggles and studious following of recipe!
Making the delicious smelling rose tea.
 Adding the lovely moisturising shea butter and oils.
 Looks disgusting, but this was the start of heating the oils, and temperature checking...
 Blending the rose petals to add.

Adding the Lye..
So this looks a bit bonkers, but Lye is very corrosive caustic soda and requires serious attention and some protective eyewear (and face wear - we got a little paranoid!!)

Stirring in the colouring and dried rose petals below..

Spooning the mixture into the moulds (kindly made by Jake's fair hands..)
The final set batches..

The packaging...

1. I started wrapping with cellophane cello bags so seal in the lovely scent and oils.
2. Next, wrapped with brown paper
3. Finally covered with strips of patterned paper I have designed and printed out. For more details of my designs and to get in touch, please visit my website

 Tied with brown string, and labelled with the list of all the lovely pure ingredients.

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