Sunday, 8 January 2012

Seasonal card making

So Christmas came and went very fast, I barely had the time to make my cards and send them out in time! These little cards were hand-pulled lino prints, cut and pasted onto brown Kraft card. The partridge in a pear tree design, and Joyeux Noel motifs were from my imagination. If you were wondering where this amazing dresser is, and the location of some of my other pics - it's mister Tom Green's beautiful cottage in Ashprington, Devon!


I thought I'd sneak in some of my 2010 card prints. I was a little more organised this year with two colours and a myriad of colour combinations. The prints were hand cut and mixed, the same as this year. One was supposed to look like a traditional book plate and the other a fairisle pattern, both from my imagination.

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