Monday, 30 September 2013

Handmade wedding chutney favours..

I don't have any pics of the works in progress of these little numbers but I thought it was worth sharing a I think the result was really pretty.


1) Firstly, I hand wrote out the label, (lots and lots of times till I got it right!)
2) Scanned it in, and reworked in photoshop to produce a design which I then....
3) Had made into a little stamper (just on vista print!).
4) I bought some cute brown labels on ebay and then handstamped the labels.

If anyone really liked, or really wants the recipe - get in touch, it's my mama's and I have it to hand somewhere in my kitchen!

The final design:

Secondly, my mama made vats of delicious homemade apple chutney, and we spooned this into sterilised mini jars (also from ebay). Last but not least, we cut out hundreds of little pastel coloured fabric circles and tied them on with some thin brown twine.

Et voila.. the finished favours!

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