Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Handmade Hessian Table Runners

One more project for the wedding - and although very time consuming, the effort was definitely worth it!


I went to London's Goldhawk Road fabric shops to get my hessian really cheap. I carried mine home on the bus but I'd probably recommend roping in a friend if you buy metres and metres of the stuff!!

The roll measured approx 1.6 m wide so I measured and cut into 4 very long (be neat!!!) pieces.

I hand folded and hemmed the edges by about 1cm on each edge to stop fraying an give a bit of a neater look then whizzed them through the sewing machine for hours and hours till it basically broke!
My glamorous assistant Felicity!

The sweat and the tears in the making
Laying out the runners in the marquee the day before the wedding!

 And the final results in situ!

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