Friday, 27 June 2014

Today I made a small fox

This evening I took a break from drawing and thought I'd get all crafty! It's nearly my beautiful niece Grace's 2nd birthday and so I set about making a wee soft toy for her, here's the story! Admit I did a lot of unpicking along the way and double stitched the arms and legs on in the wrong place- twice.. eek! Feeling chuffed with myself for no good reason!
Lets start at the very beginning... (Be warned, I am a beginner and therefor very botcho!!)
Supplies needed: A simplicity Pattern K1549, Sewing machine, threads, contrasting felt remnants and patterned fabric, stuffing and a needle.

And looking very attractive inside out!                            Followed by some very messy hand stitching on foxy's noggin!                       

 Sewed the final eyes in place and voila....! x


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